A software and service solution for measuring and improving environmental and economic value in public catering.
  • Developed from European funded research
  • Refined in partnership with the Local Authority Catering Association (LACA) and ASSIST FM Scotland
  • Designed to comply with Courtaulds 2030 Standard for Carbon Measurement and Reporting in Food & Drink


Are you a local authority catering service provider, private contract caterer or Trust? Are you seeking to respond positively to the
climate emergency, for your own organisation, sponsors, customers and communities?

You can use the Meal Analyser to:

  • Calculate the carbon emissions of specific dishes on your menus
  • Estimate the total carbon footprint of your service
  • Track where you are on your path to net zero
  • Plan how to reduce emissions further

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The Meal Analyser can also:

Measure the local economic impact of your service

Show you where the main sources of economic impact come from

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A Meal Analyser project typically involves four main steps:
  1. Initial meeting to confirm your goals and agree scope/timeframe of analysis
  2. You supply your recipe and service info, on a template
  3. We check your data and perform the analysis
  4. You receive a downloadable report, including ‘what if’ scenarios and guidance on future improvement